As the temperatures grow warmer and the landscape a little greener, the sound of church bells can be heard throughout town. It is a clear sign that wedding season is upon us, and there’s no better place to get married than in Houston.

A critical component of your wedding is the transportation for yourself, as well as family, wedding party, and even guests.  

Book yourself a private limousine for quiet moments together throughout a crazy day; select a stretch SUV limousine for your parents or perhaps a luxury Mercedes Sprinter van for the family; and even better, reserve a legendary party bus to treat your wedding party – plus ensure their timely arrival to all your wedding events!

From a single passenger to 36 passengers within a single vehicle, Sam’s Limousine can accommodate any group in immaculate, luxurious accommodations. 

It’s clear that you cannot afford to skip professional transportation for your wedding, but the booking process can seem overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with the process.

As industry insiders for the last several decades, Sam’s Limousine has all of the booking tips you cannot afford to miss when booking your wedding transportation.

Our trusted advisors have compiled a list of top wedding tips that Houstonians cannot afford to miss when making their wedding plans this season!


At Sam’s Limousine, we have an impressive fleet of luxury vehicles to fit every request.

You’re likely to want specific vehicles to accommodate your very specific group, but what happens when your dream limo is booked? Or worse, there isn’t a vehicle large enough to accommodate your group?

There are severe penalties in booking your limousine too late.

You cannot risk booking a vehicle too small for your group, because no vehicle can legally be operated when over the required passenger capacity.

Too often, your date is non-negotiable, so it’s imperative to get an early start, especially for the busy season spanning between May and October.

Remember, the best companies are in high demand and will book quickly.  


In order to receive even a ballpark estimate, there are certain details we need to know in order to best help you.

  • Will the ceremony and reception be taking place within the same venue?
  • Will there be any special stops for photos?
  • How many of your guests will need transportation?
    • Will you offer transportation to/from the airport?
    • What about other wedding weekend festivities, like the rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch?

This will help you determine what vehicles you need and for approximately how long.


Distance will also determine cost; the further you go, the more it will cost based on factors like gas, mileage, tolls, and labor.  

Make sure to build in a buffer; with all the excitement of your nuptials, the timing may vary.

Maybe the start of the ceremony is a little delayed, pushing back your timeline, or photos run late after Uncle Joe wandered off after the ceremony.

No matter the reason, plan a 15-30 minute buffer into each stop.

You’ll be glad you did.


Reviews exist for a reason, and there’s much to be gained from a previous customers experience.

When perusing reviews, there are certain things you should look for:

  • How is their customer service? What about professionalism? Look for demonstrated examples of their commitment to customer service within past customer reviews.
  • Are the drivers polished and groomed? Do they wear uniforms, and if so, what are they?
  • Are the vehicles clean and well-kept?

And finally, check for consistency. Does this company consistently deliver?

Their reliability is an important indication of whether you can depend on them for timely service on the day of your wedding.

Just be sure to take things with a grain of salt.



When doing your research, don’t forget about safety concerns, either.

It’s a simple matter to check a company’s licensing through the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Every limousine company is required to register and is given a DOT number that can easily be confirmed online in seconds.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has created a federal database where you can check company details, such as its licensing status, inspection history, and specifics on its fleet and drivers.

Prior to your trip, request your driver’s name and contact information. This will not only help on your wedding day, but it will also gift you the opportunity to do some research to ensure your driver is properly licensed and insured.

Sam’s Limousine personally maintains and services its own fleet of vehicles, with a licensed and experienced team of professionals mechanics who keep our vehicles in pristine condition.

Remember, your research literally becomes a life-saving measure – especially given the recent crashes involving unlicensed companies.


Make sure that your written contract matches any verbal or electronic agreement you may have made with your transportation provider.

This includes rates, the number of hours, and your pick up and destination, along with any stops you may need along the way.

All too often, companies will hide extra fees and upcharges within the fine print of your contract. 

Even worse, unreasonable terms and policies could be written into your agreement, resulting in serious penalties and fees.

When reviewing your contract, pay special attention to the following:

  • What is the cancellation policy, and does it to include acts of nature like hurricanes?
  • What’s the final date to make changes?
  • What is the food and beverage policy?
  • What is the rate for additional hours, as well as any associated fees?

Sam’s Limousine

There’s really only one choice for your Houston wedding.

Sam’s Limousine consistently providers stellar service, with safe and comfortable vehicles for your entire wedding party.

Our customer support team will work with you to determine the many logistics of your wedding day, ensuring that you have a friendly and experienced team to support you every step of the way.

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