Party Bus Rental can be overwhelming when you’re not sure what to look for. When you’re a pro in the industry, you pick up and accumulate all sorts of little tidbits and nuggets of knowledge that can make a world of difference when planning your next event.

When you work with Sam’s Limousine, you can rest assured that you are never overcharged, never scammed, and not once bamboozled.

It’s not just those shady guys on the other side of town that you need to worry about, either. Even some of the more well-known, reputable brands utilize tricks of the trade in order to pad contracts and increase your bottom line. Not anymore.

No matter the occasion, you will always find the right vehicle at the right price with Sam’s Limousine. 

Before you book your next party bus rental, here is what you need to know.

1. Know What You Need.

Know what you need and stick to it – don’t be swayed by last-ditch attempts from shady salesmen on wasteful upgrades.

It is impossible to take advantage of an informed buyer, so take your time to thoroughly research your options.

These are some of the most important particulars to consider before booking a party bus:

  • Number of guests
  • Pick up and drop off location
  • Preferred date and back-up dates, if applicable
  • The number of hours requested
  • Number and location of stops

Given guests’ propensity to change RSVPs at the last minute, it’s always best to play it safe and leave a little wiggle room for any last-minute additions to the guest list.

Our party buses at Sam’s Limousine are a great solution for prom, graduation, and summer beach-week festivities. (Bachelor and bachelorette parties love them, too!)

Try not to book a vehicle larger than you need, but on the contrary, make sure you do budget enough room for all of your guests.

When choosing a party bus rental company, it’s also important to consider the amenities you need.

Is music important? Will your friends love the dance pole? What about onboard entertainment like flat screen televisions?



Our party buses have all of that and so much more.  

Another important consideration concerns accessibility and any special needs for your trip. Review your guest list and keep in mind any specific accommodations that your guests may need.

Sam’s Limousine proudly offers ADA handicap-accessible vehicles, maintained in-house by our professionally certified mechanics to guarantee the highest standards of quality and control.

Just remember that amenities will vary depending on the vehicle you choose, so take care to choose one that properly accommodates your group.

2. Choose the Locals.

When searching for your perfect party bus rental, do consider narrowing your search to local companies.

Because much of pricing is based on mileage and travel time, it’s especially important to choose a local vendor who won’t add unnecessary miles and charges to your account before you even board.

Often, local companies have lower operating costs and more affordable insurance because they are based in a more centralized location. This, in turn, makes the entire experience more affordable for you.

Sam’s Limousine only offers local, professional drivers in vehicles closely operated and maintained.

This is especially important, because when national chains send vehicles from all over the country, you can never really be sure who, or what, will actually show up on the day of your special event.

Local companies like Sam’s Limousine have decades of experience in the area, with insider knowledge on traffic, busy routes and closures, and special events, saving you both valuable time and precious dollars.

Choosing local just makes the most sense.T

3.Try to plan your route in advance.

By planning your itinerary, your driver will be able to map your route in advance. It will also ensure that you have planned for enough time.

Never underestimate the amount of time it takes to simply gather a group together in order to board and/or depart.

At Sam’s Limousine, you will work with your own personal concierge team to plan the particulars of your trip.

We’ll help secure those coveted reservations, get those sought-after seats, and, of course, plan the best routes around pesky traffic.

Spare yourself from worry on the day of your event, and instead sink back into the sumptuous leather in relief.

Sam’s has it under control.



4. Review that Contract.

Before signing a contract or submitting any payment information, be sure to receive a written copy of your contract. It should include all of the terms for your event rental, itemizing all charges, taxes, and fees for your review.

Confirm all dates, times, and addresses are correct, as well as the actual vehicle itself.

While still lovely, an SUV limousine or charter bus will not offer the same amenities as our thrilling party buses.

Another important but often overlooked part of the contract involves company policies.

What is the cancellation policy, and how does it change in the event of inclement weather or some other random event? It’s important to be prepared with this information just in case.

Also, what if extra time is required on the day of the event?

It’s extremely common for hosts to request extra time, but it’s always best to work it into your contract in advance if possible.

Be sure that vehicle and driver information is provided to you in advance, as well the number to a contact for any issues on the road.

If you have made plans for any special arrangements, ensure that they have been recorded in written form on the contract; verbal confirmation will prove useless if you need proof later on down the road for any reason.

Pets will need prior approval as companies tend to have differing opinions and policies here.

And finally, check the policies to confirm that food and beverages are permitted onboard. Every company is different, and you don’t want to show up and find that all of your cake and goodies are not allowed onboard.

5. Book In. Advance.

We cannot stress this one enough. It’s especially vital when working with larger parties that will need specific or multiple vehicles.

Take a wedding party, for instance; it is recommended that you book 8-12 months out. However, most weddings accommodate well over 100 people and trying to schedule transportation for everyone can be challenging.

You want to be sure that we have exactly what you want and need, especially when it’s for an event as special as your wedding.

Booking in advance also significantly slows the process, giving you the extra time to thoroughly research  your vendors. Before you sign a contract, check to make sure the company, vehicle, and driver are all legitimate, with positive reviews from previous customers.

What about the life of the vehicles?

No vehicle should be on the road that is older than 3 to 5 years as per industry standards.

bachelorette bachelor party bus houston

Don’t be afraid to ask your rental representative if you have concerns.

And finally, of course, the discounts. A lot of companies are anxious to line up their events for the year in advance, so they are more inclined to book future business (although immediate business is certainly always encouraged and welcomed).

With decades of experience throughout Houston, Texas and beyond, Sam’s Limousine is the premiere provider for transportation solutions.  

That means you will always have the skill and expertise of an experienced team to escort you wherever you would like to go.

That also means we know the limo business and how the rental process works, including popular insider tips that could end up saving you thousands of dollars.

Call us today and book a party bus rental for your next event!